CEDIA Membership Affirms Global Integration


CEDIA has announced that an overwhelming majority of CEDIA members have voted in favour of a formal integration between CEDIA and CEDIA EMEA.

“Operating as one global organisation is an important step for CEDIA as we seek to strengthen our global voice and influence,” said Vin Bruno, CEDIA CEO. “Our increased operational efficiencies will ensure that we are able to continue to deploy the resources CEDIA members need to be successful in every region.”
In order to provide continuity, stability and balance during the initial integration period, a CEDIA Governance Task Force determined the slate for the 2017 global board of directors. The following members will begin their positions on the global board beginning January 1, 2017. At that time, the board may choose to appoint up to four skills-based directors. The executive committee will also be determined in the New Year.

2017 Global Board
Christiaan Beukes
Sphere Custom Design & Installation – Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa
Henry Clifford
LiveWire – Richmond, Virginia, USA

Ken Erdmann
Erdmann Electric – Springville, Utah, USA

Dennis Erskine
Erskine Group, LLC – Vancouver, Washington, Canada
Omar Hikal
Archimedia – Cairo, Egypt
Greg Margolis
HomeTronics, Inc – Dallas, Texas, USA

Rob Sutherland
Inspired Dwellings – London, England
Giles Sutton
JAMES + GILES – London, England
Joe Whitaker
The Thoughtful Home – Clayton, Missouri, USA