CEDIA recognises excellence with launch of Member of Excellence Programme


CEDIA’s Member of Excellence Programme has been announced this week at ISE.

The highly anticipated programme recognises excellence within the company. There are two ways companies can demonstrate the company’s commitment to delivering first-class experiences to clients. Firstly, the company can invest in professional development and technical excellence, and secondly, it can invest in professional development while serving its community.

To be granted the title of CEDIA Advanced Member, CEDIA members must demonstrate a continuing achievement in education, customer service and community.

To be named a CEDIA Member of Excellence, the highest level of designation, CEDIA members must fulfil the three primary requirements as well as a record of award-winning craftsmanship and a dedication to advanced industry certifications.

CEDIA’s Member of Excellence and Advanced Members will have access to exclusive CEDIA member benefits including marketing tools and a listing in the CEDIA Finding Service. The status will also give them eligibility for an additional five per cent off CEDIA training products.

“We thought long and hard about how we wanted to approach this programme,” said Giles Sutton, senior VP of Industry Engagement. “It was important for the programme to have a holistic approach and represent the core values that many CEDIA companies already share and the aspirational values that would challenge a company to reach the next level of professionalism.”

“The programme has been crafted in a way that meets the needs of our global membership. Companies of all sizes regardless of the market they serve are eligible to participate,” said Tabatha O’Connor, CEDIA global president and CEO. “We are so excited to be able to provide this heightened platform to recognise and affirm those member companies who are consistently dedicated to excellence.”

Three webinars will be held during the week of 18th February to answer questions and introduce members to the online application process.