CINEAK Launches New CIC Automation Module Powered by Savant at ISE 2014

CINEAK will be introducing new products and features at the Integrated Systems Europe show February 4-6, 2014, booth #5-S92. CINEAK, t...

CINEAK will be introducing new products and features at the Integrated Systems Europe show February 4-6, 2014, booth #5-S92. CINEAK, the benchmark for luxury seating, will be introducing a new seat model along with the availability of new unique and cutting-edge options/features. CINEAK launches its new “CIC” automation module (CINEAK INTELLIGENT CONTROL module) at ISE powered by SAVANT® CINEAK is proud to announce the availability of its new “CIC” automation module (CINEAK INTELLIGENT CONTROL automation module). This is a first-of-its kind in the private cinema/media room seating industry. The “CIC” automation module allows one to control the DUAL motorized recline/incline mechanism via the RS-485 or IP protocol by any home control/automation system, which uses these protocols. CINEAK will showcase this new feature at the ISE Show in Amsterdam, powered by SAVANT®. The new “CIC” automation module replaces CINEAK’s previous Contact Closure module in controlling the operation of its DUAL motorized recline/incline mechanisms via a home automation/control system. This unique and exclusive feature allows one to have “intelligent control and operation” of the individual footrest and backrest operation of its chairs. In addition, CINEAK’s unique motorized articulating headrest can be controlled as well. Unique features available are some of the following: - All-off feature: press a button and all of the chairs automatically return to their upright position, - Pre-sets: program a users’ preferred seating position- similar to a memory-setting in an automobile, - Single button control: the push of a single button can reset the entire chair mechanism to its full upright or inclined/reclined position, - Control of the footrest, backrest and articulating headrest from a touch panel or tablet/phone device, - And many other features. The technology behind the new “CIC” automation module allows the use of the RS-485 protocol, which results in a accurate and reliable 2-wire, single bus connection between all the chairs and single connection to the control system. Each of the chairs can be controlled individually via BUS ID commands. Adding an RS-485 to IP convertor allows one to address each of the chairs and their operation via the IP protocol. User devices such as mobile tablets, cellular phones, remote controls and touch panel devices will be able to control the operation of the chairs! CINEAK’s FERRIER private cinema chair now available with an incliner mechanism & with D-BOX! The NEW FERRIER incliner features a unique DUAL-motorized incliner mechanism, which allows one to adjust the position of the backrest/seat independently from the position of the footrest. Users now have the option to adjust the backrest/seat without the footrest having to be fully extended. CINEAK is proud to announce it will show it’s new FERRIER incliner at ISE featuring the D-BOX System. The FERRIER will feature a total of 4 motion actuators, which deliver the full spectrum of motion: pitch, roll, heave, and intelligent vibration. The experience lets you imagine how amazing it would be to feel all the onscreen action alongside the movie stars. Key to this experience is a comfortable seat to sit in! CINEAK’s FERRIER will definitely provide this as it features a unique DUAL-motorized incline mechanism, which allows the user to adjust the seating position independently for the seat/back and footrest. In addition, the articulating headrest will allow the user to adjust the position of the headrest to provide proper head/back support and have the perfect view at the screen. The hand-cut foam cushioning of high-density foam promises years of comfort and performance. CINEAK luxury seating will showcase its STRATO at ISE featuring ARMANI CASA upholstery CINEAK, the pre-eminent provider of luxury private cinema and media room seating products, is proud to announce it will show its STRATO incliner at the ISE show, featuring ARMANI CASA fabrics. The entire Armani Casa Collection I, II, III, IV and V is available on CINEAK products. CINEAK's ESCANA now also available as Incliner You can now order the luxurious ESCANA with either recliner or incliner mechanisms. This allows you to optimize the Seats to your projects needs. CINEAK's Seats now available with heated & cooled cupholders! Cupholders that heat & cool your drinks are now available. www.CINEAK.com