Control4 Expands Technical Training Facilities Worldwide

Control4 has announced the opening of new international training centers in Germany and Australia, and the expansion of existing training facilities in Salt Lake City, UT and Chicago, IL.

The new facilities, along with the extra capacity added to existing Control4 training centers in the United States and Shanghai, China earlier this year, will serve to meet the growing demand by Control4 dealers to train more technicians to become Control4-certified integrators.

 “Interest in Control4 is growing in markets throughout the world. We are expanding our technical classroom capacity and online training materials so that authorized Control4 dealers can increase their technical expertise and required staffing to meet local installation and service demands,” said Rus Rasmussen, Director of Training. “With our new and expanded hands-on classroom facilities, we expect to train more than 110 technicians each week, over 5,000 each year, around the world.”

Control4 Automation Programmer Certification is a four-day course with a certification exam, and provides attending technicians the practical skills and methods to install and program a Control4 installation, including audio/video entertainment, lighting, security, and comfort solutions. Control4 Automation Programmer is a service benefit provided by Control4 to all authorized Control4 dealers at no tuition cost to the dealer or technician.  Control4’s hands-on training classes are available for enrollment in Australia, China, England, Germany, India, and in three locations in the United States.

New facilities:
Salt Lake City, UT (additional training classroom): 16 seats, beginning August 1, 2016
Frankfurt, Germany: 10 seats, opened first week of July 2016
Melbourne, Australia: 12 seats, beginning August 15, 2016

Existing facilities:
Salt Lake City, UT (existing training classroom): 18 seats
Chicago, IL: 12 seats, expanding to 16 seats in early fall 2016
Charlotte, NC: 12 seats, remodeled in April 2016
Shanghai, China: expanded from 9 seats to 12 seats in January 2016
York, England: 12 seats
Bangalore, India: 10 seats

To register for the hands-on Control4 Automation Programmer course, dealers can sign into the Control4 dealer portal, select Technical Training, and sign up. Note: successful completion of the online Associate Installer course is a required prerequisite to classroom training enrollment.


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