Control4 launches Smart Home OS 3 to control different devices on one system

Control4 has announced its new Smart Home OS 3 which takes control of thousands of different branded devices all under one system, a huge step in home automation.

Control4 Smart Home OS 3 is designed to unify hundreds of connected devices around the home and control them from a single platform, while offering personalisation and facilitating the professional support that smart home technology needs.

Control4 - Smart Home OS 3 - Music Sessions view on mobile

Intended as an intuitive and simple platform, Control4 Smart Home OS3 is designed to make it easier to use connected devices throughout the home. OS 3 offers more than a thousand new features and capabilities including fluid, refined and intuitive interfaces providing one-touch control for favourite devices and scenes, at-a-glance views for security and lighting, one-touch music and video streaming, plus many other new features, all in a singular platform across Control4 and third-party products. 

It is estimated that by 2020 there will be 13 billion connected devices in homes around the world. Therefore, it is vital to have a system that will incorporate different branded devices but work simultaneously together on one system. 

Control4 - Smart Home OS 3 - Security view on touch screen

Charlie Kindel, Control4’s senior vice president of Products and Services, commented: “The Control4 Smart Home OS is designed to remove complexity. Every home is a mix of products from a variety of companies, a Smart Home OS embraces this reality, providing a broad choice rather than creating a collection of tiny walled gardens that limit homeowners.”

This is made possible with the support of over 13,500 third-party devices and 7,500 Control4 SDDP-embedded product. Smart Home OS 3 seamlessly brings all these devices together to create a smart home infrastructure that can be scaled to the needs of the users, be it a single-room entertainment experience or a whole-home automation system. 

Control4 - Smart Home OS 3 - Arrange and remove favorites

‘Favourites’ is a new feature with Smart Home OS 3, giving users the ability to bring virtually everything in the home to the top of the room in the mobile app, touch screen, and TV. It provides one touch control and shows homeowners whether the home is secure or if any lights are switched on without having to tap anything. 

The system is entirely customisable so that users can personalise the system to suit their needs. Smart home scenes and schedules can be created and edited at any time, and homeowners can modify how devices interact with each other. 

Control4 - Smart Home OS 3 - Temperature control on mobile

Control4 Smart Home OS 3 is now available through authorised dealers. Homeowners and professionals can try the new system out for themselves on C4Yourself Day, held at Control4 Certified Showrooms around the world on June 13 from 4.00pm to 8.00pm local time. 

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