Control4 Releases Composer Express Software Update


Control4 has released an update to its Composer Express software that dramatically simplifies installation and configuration for automate...

Control4 has released an update to its Composer Express software that dramatically simplifies installation and configuration for automated entertainment solutions. Composer Express is now an even more comprehensive mobile installation app for home automation dealers and installers that delivers the capability for a quick one-room entertainment installation. Device ConnectionsWith Composer Express and an iOS or Android device, an installer can rapidly connect and configure all of the AV equipment in a family room or dedicated home theatre. To simplify the installation, Composer Express enhances efficiency for integrators by incorporating new capabilities, including context-sensitive AV device connections, simpler customer account setup, and access to custom device drivers via a USB Drive or Dropbox storage. For dealers who sell standardized entertainment solutions, Composer Express supports project templates, enabling an installer to simply connect to the home controller, identify the Control4 handheld system remote and other entertainment devices, and then hand the system remote to the homeowner for easy everyday use. In addition, Composer Express now provides authorised Control4 dealers with the ability to securely access and service their customer’s Control4 installations right from their iOS or Android phone, from virtually anywhere—not just onsite at the customer’s home. For consumers, family room entertainment and dedicated home theater solutions are made exceptionally easy to operate with the Control4 HC-250 smart home controller and the newly released Control4  SR-260 System Remote. Combined with the simplified setup through Composer Express, dealers can deliver to their customers a customised, powerful and versatile entertainment automation solution at a great price, while preserving future scalability to automate other connected devices throughout the home. “In addition to providing installation simplification and massive time savings for home entertainment installations, Composer Express is also designed to help Control4 Dealers expand their business by decreasing the training time and logistics for their technicians,” says Control4 Chairman and CEO, Martin Plaehn. “With Composer Express, our dealers can quickly and efficiently complete one-room installations with less staff and in less time, thus freeing up their talent to focus on the larger, more complicated projects.  The industry has been looking for this caliber of installation tool and we are excited about the efficiency and business opportunity Composer Express can open for our dealers.” Composer Express is now available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. www.control4.com