Crestron announces assisted living and VR seminars for LDW

In conjunction with London Design Week (12 to 17 March, 2017), Crestron will be hosting two workshops focusing on the latest developments in assisted living installations and how VR can impact can be optimised in interior design at its showroom.

On Wednesday 15 March, Ian Bolt from Custom Sight and Sound will share his experience working on the Crestron-award winning project for former Harry Potter stuntman David Holmes (see more above). The following day, Hamza Abbas of Andrew Lucas will take the stage to discuss the benefits of planning homes with virtual reality.

Wednesday 15 March, 11.30am

‘THIS HOUSE CHANGED MY LIFE’ - Ian Bolt, Custom Sight & Sound

Ian Bolt from smart home integrator Custom Sight & Sound will discuss in detail how his team transformed the stuntman David Holmes with an extensive home automation system. Following an accident on set, David became disabled to the level of C7 tetraplegia and required full-time care. Bolt will explore how deploying Crestron technology into Holmes’ home give him back his independence and a greater feeling of safety in this feat of technology integration.

“As an industry, we work with the world’s most advanced technology in some of the most remarkable and prestigious homes. However, once in a while we are engaged in a project which is so much more. A project where technology offers a genuinely life changing opportunity for the end user,” commented Ian Bolt, Custom Sight & Sound.

“After years of discomfort and constant care, the use of Crestron technology released David from the restrictions of his environment to once again live independently. It is a remarkable story of a quite remarkable man.”

Thursday 16 March, 11.00 am


High end smart home installer Andrew Lucas Studio will present a talk on how VR can be used in interior design to create a more immersive experience in the home.

Hamza A Abbas, sales director at Andrew Lucas Studios, explains: "More and more applications for virtual reality are emerging all the time, and one of the most rapid areas of growth to date has been seen in the architecture and interior design sectors.”

“Our session will show how VR can revolutionise the way we present ideas, putting clients at the heart of a proposed property or interior and empowering them to engage more fully with the design process."

Both 45-minute sessions will be followed by lunch. Guests are also invited to explore the exhibition of vintage Crestron control products on display in the showroom showcasing the evolution of smart home technology over the past 20 years. Visitors can see the display throughout the week.

Attendees can register for either session via the Crestron Showroom website. The showroom is located on 2nd Floor, South Dome at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour in London.