DAT instruments Launches Control Casa Advanced Home Automation System

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

Control Casa brings Comprehensive Home Management with Unprecedented Ease-of-Use and Convenience. DAT instruments, an Italy-based comp...

Control Casa brings Comprehensive Home Management with Unprecedented Ease-of-Use and Convenience. DAT instruments, an Italy-based company specializing in the design and production of instruments and software, announces the introduction of Control Casa, a cutting-edge home automation system that controls vital home functions and allows pre-programming of systems and appliances to create new levels of home environment satisfaction. "Home automation has been hindered in the past by limited functionality and complex programming, installation and operation," said Amedeo Valoroso, founder of DAT instruments. "Control Casa is among the first of a new generation of home automation systems that controls the full range of home systems and functions and is easy to install and use." Control Casa gives homeowners unprecedented control, with home security, heating and cooling, appliances and more, accessed directly through a smartphone, tablet or PC via an advanced, user-friendly interface. Compatible with virtually all common household electrical panels, switches and outlets on the market today, Control Casa features a wide array of functions and modes that allow adjustment and control of not only lightening and heating systems, but also sound systems, swimming pools, wellness areas and lawn and garden irrigation, all according to real-time weather forecasts. In addition to creating comprehensive home comfort, Control Casa also ensures complete home security. Control Casa checks home entry points – doors and windows – provides status and lock activation at preset times according to a family's habits and needs. Control Casa incorporates inputs for the latest-generation home security sensors that detect water or gas leaks and smoke and carbon-dioxide dangers. In addition to controlling home comfort and safety, Control Casa can reduce home operating expenses by automatically controlling lighting and energy use throughout the home. Unique home function and user settings included with Control Casa include EVO-Chef, letting homeowners start the oven when not at home; CTRL-Drop, controlling the heating system and monitoring for water leaks; EVO-Welchome welcoming guests in unexpected style by opening gates and doors remotely from a smartphone, tablet or PC; EVO-Spa, creating a spa-like experience in selected bathrooms with preset music, volume and even dimming lights to the desired level; EVO-Ride, designed to let motorcycle and bicycle riders – or anyone going for a walk or a run – access the home without breaking stride via a special handlebar mounted button, or a smartphone or tablet interface. Control Casa includes a CPU and software to run all home functions and settings, with Wi-Fi connection for remote control. A safe communication bus is used to enhance signal reliability and data transferring speed. A fully integrated board that communicates with the CPU can be installed in every room of the home. Control Casa also includes a back-up power supply so your home systems are still controlled in the case of a power outage. www.controlmanager.it