Datasat Brings Immersive Sound Experience to CEDIA EXPO 2014


Immersive Sound Experience Room HPA702 Following the huge success of the Immersive Sound Experience at this year's ISE in Amsterd...

Immersive Sound Experience Room HPA702 Datasat Immersive Sound CEDIA EXPO 2014 Following the huge success of the Immersive Sound Experience at this year's ISE in Amsterdam, Datasat is bringing it to CEDIA EXPO in Denver. The company is joined by a group of industry leaders including Auro Technologies, James Loudspeakers, Display Development, Screenline and Straight Wire to create a room showcasing Auro-3D® sound technology for the high end home cinema market. Throughout the exhibition visitors will be able to experience high quality audio with stunning content including the latest classical and rock concerts and Hollywood releases. They will also be able to learn more about the evolution of digital surround sound and the potential of immersive sound formats. The Immersive Sound Experience gives attendees the chance to experience the power of immersive home cinema. The companies involved have created a listening room based on a range of leading edge video and audio components. Datasat/Wisdom Audio Home Cinema Booth 288, First Floor Exhibit Hall Datasat Home Cinema CEDIA EXPO 2014 This year, Datasat Digital Entertainment has teamed with Wisdom Audio to create the ultimate home cinema in Booth 288 at CEDIA EXPO 2014. Designed by Maurizio Conti of HTE, our home cinema features the latest audio processor, amplifier and speaker technologies from both companies. Continuous demos throughout the day let you experience a new level of sound quality and performance. Experience the ultimate home cinema from Datasat and Wisdom in Booth 288. Datasat will be exhibiting its entire range of award-winning home cinema processors and multi-channel power amps. The company will be displaying the new Datasat LS10 and Datasat RS20i processors - both featuring Auro-3D®. www.datasatdigital.com