Deutsche Telekom’s Qivicon Platform Adds New Partners

Deutche Telekom_Smart home connectivity

Deutsche Telekom’s Qivicon Smart Home platform has added new partners, including Smappee, Plugwise, Grünspar, E WIE EINFACH and Stadtwerke Karlsruhe. With the new additions the open, manufacturer-independent platform now numbers more than 40 partner companies. 

According to DT, Smappee offers a convenient, easy-to-install home-energy-monitor system that provides a real-time overview of one's home power consumption. Exploiting the fact that all electrical appliances have unique electrical signatures, the Smappee monitor is able to identify and record the real-time consumption levels of important household appliances. And it outputs its readings, in real time, to an app. 

Plugwise, a Dutch company, also offers products that help save energy. Their products include "Anna," a smart thermostat that functions as a central control unit in the connected home. 

The firm of Grünspar supports utilities and telecommunications companies in marketing innovative Smart Home solutions. Grünspar is planning to offer Qivicon-based products of participating partners in its online shop.

"E WIE EINFACH”, a gas and electricity supplier, is developing smart home offerings based on the Qivicon platform, while  Stadtwerke Karlsruhe are also putting together a Smart Home package for their customers. Stadtwerke Karlsruhe, a key energy partner for the city of Karlsruhe and the surrounding region, are moving forward with solutions that promise to enhance consumers' comfort and convenience. The solutions being offered by E WIE EINFACH and Stadtwerke Karlsruhe are based on Deutsche Telekom's white-label complete solution. With its white-label portfolio, Deutsche Telekom offers companies throughout a wide range of different sectors the opportunity to enter the Smart Home market quickly. Participating companies remain completely free and independent in their choice of strategies and policies with regard to products, prices, communications, sales, design, brand presence and cooperation with other Qivicon partners.