Eurofins Digital Testing provides quality assurance for Niko smart home solutions

Eurofins_TestWizard_Niko Home Control

Niko has chosen Eurofins Digital Testing to provide automated quality assurance and device interoperability testing for its smart home solution.

Eurofins’ testwizard will be used by Niko as a total, end-to-end test solution for its IoT home automation system, Niko Home Control, a central control system for the home that can be managed from a touchscreen, or remotely via smartphone or tablet. 

The testwizard is a test automation framework that includes a comprehensive set of tools for automated testing of IoT devices and applications. 

Niko is using testwizard Suite Version 2.4, an Open Test Automation Infrastructure, that along with rack-based hardware allows multiple applications to be tested using parallel testing resources in highly-efficient ways. Using testwizard, the time spent testing is reduced, and test coverage and test consistency is dramatically improved.

Johan Craeybeckx, business line director, Eurofins Digital Testing International, said: “Niko has a significant smart home footprint across Europe and through distributors around the globe, so we are very proud that they have selected Eurofins Digital Testing as their end-to-end quality assurance testing partner.”  

“Our customers expect their smart homes to work flawlessly, and to make that happen, our product and interoperability testing is paramount,” said Luc Rottiers, R&D validation manager of Niko. “We chose Eurofins’ testwizard because of its versatility and scalability. Eurofins enables us to automate tests and provides us with a platform for continuous monitoring and improvement for today and into the future.”