Final whitepaper in Integrators Guide to Video series released by CEDIA

CEDIA White Paper - Integrators Guide to Colorimetry

CEDIA has published the final instalment of a three-part whitepaper series entitled “The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Colorimetry”.

This latest release is an update to a 2017 whitepaper on the wide-ranging topic of video colour, providing background on cinematic colour and explores topics including colour perception, colour gamut, colour space, chroma subsampling, colour bit depth, high dynamic range, and calibration. 

“Colorimetry is complicated and understanding its full scope, from the creator’s vision to its final presentation on a home display, can be a lot to digest,” said CEDIA director of technical research, David Meyer. “A truly-immersive experience demands integrators grasp the art and science of colorimetry and this white paper will help break down complex concepts so CEDIA pros can continue to deliver the best results for their customers.”

Walte Zerbe, senior director of technology & standards, added: “Colorimetry creates a host of challenges for technology integration professionals. One of the main goals of The Integrator's Guide to Video series is to demystify concepts that can be confusing because change is so rapid. With new display types, standards, and technological advances emerging all the time, we're proud to provide a refreshed look at colorimetry.”

“The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Colorimetry” follows the January release of “The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution”, and the November 2018 debut of “An Integrator’s Guide to HDR Video”.

It can be downloaded from the CEDIA Resource Catalogue. Non-members can purchase the whitepaper for $99.