Five-year warranty introduced on Just Add Power’s 2GΩ/3G and 3G products

Five year warranty
Dirk Ercken / Shutterstock.com

Just Add Power has announced that it has added a new five-year warranty for all HDMI over IP transmitters and receivers for its 2GΩ/3G and 3G products.

The warranty is active immediately and covers parts and replacements for the selected products sold on or after March 1, 2019. 

The company made the decision to increase the warranty on these products as they have seen close to zero failure rates in these specific products. 

Ed Qualls, president of Just Add Power, explains: “The 3G platform started shipping in September 2015. When we analysed the performance and durability in the field, we were pleased to see practically zero failures after a system is properly installed and running for an extended period. Given this real-world result, we decided it would make sense to extend our warranty to five years. It will cost us practically nothing to do this, and it further expands the good will we have built up with the professional installer community.”