Google discontinues Works With Nest Program


Google and Nest announced the companies were joining forces just last year. However, Google has sparked shock in the industry with the announcement that it is phasing out the Works With Nest Program.

The Works With Nest Program is a feature that allowed device makers and app developers to create products that would work with Nest products. However, these products will no longer work when the program is ended later this summer, meaning that many home integrations will no longer work. 

Instead, Google is releasing Works With Google Assistant, a more restrictive program that will allow third-parties to develop Nest compatible devices, but only a small number of thoroughly vetted partners will have access to additional data if customer explicitly allowed data sharing. 

It also means that IFTTT (if this then that) will no longer be of use, a huge blow to the industry. The company said they are planning to replace many of IFTTT’s features with its own Google Assistant routines, however, it still means many integrations will be broken after IFTTT is disabled. 
The Works With Nest program is due to shut down on August 31, 2019.