Google Home’s sales figures may surprise you

google home and google home mini next to each other on table

We often may hear about how many millions of Amazon Dots and Echos are sitting in homes around the world – acting as a useful tool, sitting in their box, or confusing Italian grandmas (google it) – but details have been scarce when it comes to sales of rival offerings from Google. Yet Google recently dropped a hint about just how many Home devices have been sold, and it’s pretty impressive.

Google say they have sold a Home speaker “every second” since the Mini launched – officially stating that it had sold "more than one" Home speaker per second since the Home Mini started shipping on October 19, 2017. That’s just shy of 6.5 million speakers in the run-up and during the festive period.

There’s been no further details out of Google HQ when it comes to the breakdown of individual product lines, but as with Amazon, it’s extremely likely the Mini itself – priced at $49/£49 (and discounted heavily over the holidays) and sized only 98mm x 42mm – accounted for a significant amount of Google’s sales of voice-controlled speakers.

Google has outlined, however, that use of Home has increased nine times year-over-year during the holiday season – indicating huge growth.

Strategy Analytics previously estimated that Google shipped 1.9 million Home speakers in the third quarter (before the Home shipped) versus Amazon's 5 million – making the smart speaker market more competitive (and exciting) than ever.

Although many expected Google Home and follow up products to struggle to compete with Amazon after its later entry to the market, being powered by the company’s powerful search engine is clearly paying dividends.

Google Assistant is currently available on over 400 million devices, including its own line and third-party Android phones, smart speakers, TVs and iOS devices.