HD Connectivity Showcases its Unique Range of HDMI Solutions at ISE 2014


Stand Q195 Hall 7, ISE 2014 The HD Connectivity ISE stand is located in Hall 7 this year. HDC offers a unique range of HDMI solutions ...

Stand Q195 Hall 7, ISE 2014 The HD Connectivity ISE stand is located in Hall 7 this year. HDC offers a unique range of HDMI solutions for residential and commercial installations. 2014 will see HDC promoting three brands of products: British, American and Australian (HDanywhere, Just Add Power and Kordz) with a focus on 3 different technologies, HDBaseT, HDMI over IP (HD/IP) and HDMI, in particular HDMI 2.0. HD Connectivity at ISE 2014 What will HDC be showcasing this year... 1. Residential - HDanywhere Modular 4K stackable 8x8 chassis and HDBT-in for remote sources integration. HD Connectivity’s HDanywhere brand is a HDBaseT Alliance member company, and the only full-fledged British manufacturer in the ‘HD Distribution’ product category – a lone ranger in an area dominated by huge far eastern factories. With Modular, HDanywhere is taking the HDMI matrix switcher to the next level, introducing innovative new module options and a larger, stackable 8×8 chassis size to HDC’s British-made matrix series. HD Connectivity’s MD, Chris Pinder says: “Fundamentally our HDanywhere brand is continuing to make great leaps forward in HDMI matrix design and I’m very proud that we’ve been able to deliver a genuinely revolutionary product for the custom installer, that is made in Britain and providing more UK jobs.” Designed and built in the UK, Modular is a customisable Ultra HD 4K compatible HDMI® matrix switcher that uses a patented system of interchangeable input/output (I/O) module options to enable custom AV professionals to bespoke build HD distribution systems perfectly matched to the individuality of every project in terms of size and spec. Pinder: “The 8×8 chassis has ultimately arrived one-year later than we originally planned, but it has allowed us to enhance the spec to accomodate Ultra HD 4K/60 resolutions and a more future-proofed backplane.” Integrators are able to specify which signal transmission technology is used for each TV location. Modules include HDMI®, HDBaseT™ Pro and HDBaseT™ Lite out and now HDBaseT™-IN, all of which can be mixed and matched in a single system, thus eliminating expensive unused capacity and unnecessary functionality. There are 3 breakthrough things that make HDanywhere Modular the best matrix in category for custom installers: 1 – Patented British-built hardware design that offers greater system flexibility and scalability. 2 – Web-based operating system with an array of system & behaviour management tools. 3 – The ‘heartbeat’ remote monitoring system that will save installers time and money. Pinder: “We’ve had a fantastic integrator response to Modular’s build quality and software features, but frustration at the maximum system size. With the introduction of the new larger 8×8 chassis, it increases the number of jobs that Modular is suitable for, essentially anything with up to eight sources and displays, which is a sweet spot in custom install project size. With the introduction of the MOD88 8×8 chassis, we would hope to realise the ambition of HDanywhere being used in a larger percentage of integrated home projects, growing our CI market share in 2014 and beyond.” 2. Commercial & Large Residential - Just Add Power - Image Push & Pull Feature Preview what's being shown on a source or at a display a source output or display with a ‘HDMI snapshot’ on your controller. Load and push JPEGS to be shown at screen locations instead of black screen. American outfit Just Add Power HDIP-2G series is the market leading HDMI over IP-based video switching and distribution solution. Offering limitless HDMI distribution and is continually made better with new features and improved performance through regular (and free) firmware updates HDC will be showing the latest ‘Image PUSH/PULL’ feature allowing users of HDIP to PUSH a JPEG onto any or all of the displays, including support for storing multiple JPEG image, allowing HDIP devices to function as digital signage players. If the network goes down, the saved picture(s) can automatically be shown instead of an annoying blank screen. HDIP users can also PULL a BMP picture from the source device, giving the ability to take a realtime HDMI 'snapshot' allows the owner to be certain what is being shown anywhere on the HDMI over IP network at all times with a one-page overview. Users can preview the video of a source device on their controller before choosing to switch to it. Installers are able to deliver large multi-zone HDTV and video wall projects by harnessing the flexibility and scalability of Ethernet networks to overcome fixed port size input/output constraints of legacy HDMI Matrix to achieve always the right size system. 3. Ultra HD & Ultra high quality HDMI 2.0 cables & accessories - Kordz - for the custom AV installation professional. Following their 2013 partnership to deliver Kordz products directly to the UK market, HD Connectivity will feature a live exhibit of the award winning Kordz NEO-S3 and high performance HDMI cables at ISE. HDMI 2.0 was unveiled to the world at IFA Berlin in September. Following this, Aussie company Kordz, became the first approved HDMI 2.0 Adopter in the world.. With ISE 2014 around the corner we are looking forward to being able to show our UK and European customers the exceptional performance of Kordz HDMI cables - and the revolution and excitement that Kordz NEO-S3 has caused for HDMI”, says Chris Pinder, Managing Director of HD Connectivity. “In Kordz we have a highly specialised partner that shares an affinity for good design and engineering, reinforced with education and real integrity. Kordz founder David Meyer is regarded as CEDIA’s most authoritative voice in CI-centric HDMI education. And together we want to help demystify the new frontiers of HDMI 2.0 and 4K, providing UK installers with the knowledge they really need.” “Our partnership is a natural collaboration between two like-minded companies dedicated to offering the highest quality HDMI solutions” says David Meyer, Founder & Managing Director of Kordz. “Both Kordz and HD Connectivity believe that great products come from solid understanding of HDMI. Our products work so well because they are engineered that way.” Kordz launched its NEO-S3 product at CEDIA 2013 in Denver, Colorado where it was awarded the Manufacturer’s Excellence Award for Best New Product. “Kordz NEO defines a whole new category of HDMI extension. It alleviates concerns about passive HDMI cable redundancy by upgrading existing installations to the latest high-speed capabilities. For new installations we can extend to 30m on thinner, more flexible, easier to pull cable, reducing mounting depth at both ends to just one inch”, says Meyer. “We have received many requests from UK customers looking to upgrade their existing HDMI cable installation to 4K UltraHD while avoiding unnecessary landfill.” David Meyer of Kordz will be presenting an educational training session at ISE 2014 on the topic “4K Video Compatibility and HDMI System Design” - 5 February 2014 at 14:00, Room D201. For more information visit http://www.iseurope.org/home.php?navi=47&conference_id=3996608 . 4. HDanywhere HDMI Signal Manager Designed for when a single HDMI source signal is being shared to multiple HDMI sink devices (HDTV displays, monitors, AVRs or projectors), the HDMI Signal Manager ensures that each sink gets the type of HDMI signal that's best suited to its capabilities, by either up or downscaling video & audio to match. The HDanywhere HDMI Signal Manager is a veritable swiss army knife for the installer of HDMI devices. Where other brands produce endless SKUs of widgets, we have produced one - the ‘HDCSM’. A single HDMI box does that does everything you need to make HDMI behave how you want it to at a display location. It’s a fixer device, a resolver of HDMI issues when it comes to video and audio, resolution or format. It contains a powerful signal processor that can up or downscale HDMI resolutions + de-embed, downmix and re-embed the HDMI audio stream. Its a widget, a gizmo, a gadget that is hard to summarise, so here’s what it does one function at a time: 1. HDMI Audio De-embedding - Audio is extracted from the HDMI datastream. 2. HDMI Audio Downmixing - The de-embedded audio is downmixed to both 5.1 output via the optical port and 2.0ch stereo output via the 3.5mm headphone jack port. 3. HDMI Video Resolution Scaling - The signal manager can up or downscale the video on the input to match that required on the HDMI display connected to the output. It has three video options 1. 1080p/60 2.720p/60 3. AUTO, which is based on the EDID of the connected device. 4. HDMI Audio Embedding - users can select what audio format (multichannel or stereo) is embedded back onto the HDMI signal before the HDMI output port. www.hdconnectivity.com