HD Vinyl sets date for launch

HD vinyl cover and record

‘HD’ vinyl is actually happening folks, and could be coming as soon as autumn 2019.

You may remember the first whispers of a HD take on vinyl coming out in 2016, followed by further updates back in April. Reaction may have been suitably mixed at the thought of HD records, but the company backing the technology has announced that it has partnered with several big pressing plants and HD vinyl could be available for sale next year

What exactly makes a record ‘HD’ I hear you ask (rather sarcastically, perhaps)? Well, “improving audio fidelity by 30%” say the company, as well as 30% longer playing time.

Austria-based HD Vinyl used the recent Making Vinyl conference in Detroit to announce that has signed a number of agreements to bring the concept to life – one of which is with none other than GZ Media, the world's largest vinyl manufacturer (accounting for 60% of the its record production and employing 2,000 people).

Other companies who have partnered with HD Vinyl include Connecticut-based RSA and Toronto-based Viryl Technologies.

Rebeat Innovation, the company behind HD Vinyl, announced it had raised a cool $4.8 million (€4.2m/£3.4m) to manufacture the first ever ‘high definition’ records earlier this year. This was followed by another $1.9 million (€1.7m/£1.5m) injection this year.

Getting the product to market, according to HD Vinyl’s founder Guenter Loibl, will be no easy task; “Since our stampers will be made out of laser-cut ceramic instead of electroplated metal stampers, new moulds and fittings have to be developed."

Stampers used for HD Vinyl are said to eliminate the need for dangerous chemicals in the vinyl production process (therefore reducing toxic waste), and the whole manufacturing process is reported to be faster – ideal should HD vinyl be the next big thing.

HD Vinyl says it expects to produce its first test pressings next spring ahead of officially hitting stores sometime in autumn.