Josh.ai partners with Sonance


Continuing to bring voice integration to the home, Josh.ai has announced a partnership with luxury audio and design solutions company, Sonance.

The collaboration enables Josh.ai’s natural voice control and privacy-focused approach to home automation to seamlessly fit into any architectural aesthetic. 

In addition to the new integration with Sonance amps, Josh.ai is also partnering with one of Sonance’s divisions, TRUFIG, for a new in-wall mount for Josh Micro. 

Josh.ai and TRUFIG have worked together to develop a refined flush mounting system for Josh Micro. The in-wall solution is comprised of a platform and facia designed with TRUFIG mounting technology to leave an almost invisible finish. Gypsum and solid surface applications are supported for installation flexibility in any environment. 

As part of the Josh.ai Distributed AV workflow, Sonance DSP Amplifiers will auto-populate the Josh.ai web portal for configuration. Integrators can then assign multiple input sources across all DSP Amplifiers for music control throughout the home. 


Homeowners will then be able to use natural voice commands to choose what they would like to listen to. Josh.ai handles music search through its available streaming services on Sonos or Heos devices as the audio sources, turns on the Sonance DSP Amplifier, activates the channels identified as the selected areas, and plays the music accordingly. 

An alternative solution is having a single streaming media payed connected to a multi-channel DSP Amplifier and sharing that music stream with multiple zones around the house. 

Josh.ai can also manage the Sonance DSP Amplifier volume controls and groups output zones, giving integrators more flexibility when implementing the systems and giving homeowners the freedom to listen to whatever music they want anywhere in the home. The natural voice integration means that homeowners do not have to say each command at a time, but rather say something like: “OK Josh, play Queen in the living room, kitchen and garden and turn it to 40 per cent.”

"We're excited to align with Sonance as a fellow innovator in our industry," said Alex Capacelatro, CEO of Josh.ai. "Our device integrations and complementary products are extremely important as we recommend solutions for luxury clients who want performance as well as reliability. This is a natural fit given each of our company's stances on the need to simplify technology to suit elegant design. Our goal with Josh.ai is to deliver a magical experience, and partnering with Sonance and TRUFIG is another step towards that vision."

Ari Supran, CEO of Sonance (Sonance, iPort and TRUFIG) added: "We are very excited to be partnering with Josh.ai across all of our brands. These are the first of several ways our companies can work together to simplify and hide technology in luxury construction projects. We see this strategic partnership as an important component in helping our mutual dealer partners deliver a magical experience for their clients."