K-array partners with Samsung for Luxury LED for Home project

Luxury LED for Home

K-array has announced a partnership with Samsung Italy, Trinnov and Vismara Designs for the new Luxury LED for Home project, dedicated to high-end home cinema.

Luxury LED for Home is a pre-packaged home cinema for consumers who want a unique entertainment experience in their home. 

Designed with quality materials, it features Samsung’s latest IF Series screens that are available in 109-in and 130-in FHD format and 219-in and 260-in UHD format. Vismara has also contributed elegant, cinema seating and custom-made sound proofing panels for the project. 

Continuing the high-quality feel, K-array is delivering high-end audio technology with Trinnov’s AV processors, offering customers a new approach to surround sound by addressing the audience at the centre of an immersive sound field.

K-array’s loudspeakers have been discreetly placed around the room as well as in the ceiling, and combined with the Trinnov processor, which optimises the music track, movie dialogue, and sound effects, the immersive 3D audio provides high-quality sound and sensorial experience. 

The K-array sound system comprises of Vyper-KV52 loudspeakers, with ultra-flat, 1.5m-deep line array loudspeakers either side of the display as the left and right channels. To ensure complete coverage from every seat in the cinema, K-array’s Pure Array Technology is used for consistent and powerful sound throughout. 

It is also possible to reconstruct the central audio channel using a pair of horizontal Vyper-KV52 loudspeakers placed at the top and bottom of the display. This will allow the viewer to perceive the sound coming from the centre of the screen. 

Eight full-range Domino-KF26 loudspeakers are also used for 3D immersivity, with four dedicated to managing the sound field on the horizontal plane in a 360 degree around the audience while the other four are installed in the ceiling, providing elevation and spatiality to the sound. 

“We are honoured to collaborate with Samsung on such an exclusive project,” said Stefano Zaccaria, global vice president sales and marketing, K-array. “Our advanced line array technology integrates seamlessly with the other innovative and sophisticated components.”

“LED displays is a growing trend in commercial cinemas and high-end home theatres,” explained Arnaud Laborie, co-founder and CEO of Trinnov Audio. “This new technology brings many visual benefits but also audio challenges, especially for dialogue reproduction which is usually delivered by a dedicated centre speaker behind an acoustically transparent screen.

“We are pleased to leverage our technologies and unique expertise in sound field reproduction together with K-array to help Samsung achieve the best possible sonic performance in this truly unique space,” he continued. 

The cinema designed for the home has been reproduced inside the smart home of the Samsung District in Milan and will be available for consumers looking for a premium cinema experience in their home.