LG OLED “rollable TV” coming to CES 2019

model after and during unrolling of LG's rollable 65-inch TV at CES 2018

The CES 2019 rumours are starting to come out, and amidst the IoT-for-everything approach, there’s some exciting stuff being lined up for the Las Vegas show – including LG’s rollable OLED TV.

LG will no doubt be one the busier booths among the bedlam that is CES next January, and it hopes to innovate by not just bringing a foldable phone, but another prototype of its rollable OLED TV.

We first saw a glimpse of the South Korean manufacturer’s developments in bendable displays at CES 2016 via an 18-in flexible and transparent OLED panel and since then, things have since got bigger and closer to becoming a reality (rumours suggest as early as next year should not be ruled out…). In the following year a 70-in+ prototype was seen at a trade show, followed by an even more polished 65-in 4K OLED rollable TV at this year’s CES.

Sound-wise, it’s unclear how LG will target this at the consumer “TV” market in making this more than a cool display to show off – e.g. working with accompanying stand/a soundbar or potentially using Sony-esque acoustic surface technology which LG has already done a lot of R&D into – but watch this space.

Of course, a plethora of connected devices for the home will be showcased at CES 2019 as part of LG’s big ThinQ AI push.