Loewe debuts ‘wallpaper’ transparent TV

Loewe wallpaper-thin Bild X TV concept on display at IFA 2017 in Berlin

Talk of future technologies can be too easily concerned with talk of the far-fetched or downright whimsical, but the newest transparent TV concepts from the likes of LG, and now Loewe, aren’t too far away from beaming Game of Thrones into our living rooms.

Loewe has given a sneak peak of Bild X, or what the German manufacturer is billing its German manufacturer’s “thinnest and most sophisticated TV yet” – despite still being in the concept stage.

Designed by the brand’s creative director, Bodo Sperlein (the man behind Loewe’s bild 5, bild 7 and bild 9 models), the minimalist-styled, modular TV incorporates a thin OLED screen and a crafted steel frame, shunning the electrical components concealing in the plain old TVs we have to make do with at the moment.

Sperlein says the design relies on small magnets – the inspiration for which came from how sails are attached to a mast on a boat.

Although no definite details have been provided on its development or upcoming release, Loewe has introduced different models of the Bild X – one with a polished black marble disc and one with steel ‘cross’ design, and available in gold or black finishes. The manufacturer also says that the TV will be able to sit against a wall or rest on its accompanying stand. There is no word on the size screen Loewe hope to bring the Bild X out in.

Of course invisible speakers are nothing new to the technology world, and TVs like LG’s impressive wallpaper offering represent the huge steps recently taken in the display world when it comes to screen thickness. We even saw Panasonic showcase a rival transparent TV concept at IFA. Yet further details on how exactly cables will run and where exactly the electronics will be housed are needed from Loewe (and potentially pose huge challenges for the manufacturer). For this reason it may be awhile before we are talking about the official release of Loewe’s Bild X (and just how many thousands it will cost).