Manufacturers sign up for AirPlay 2 – supports multi-room audio

shot of iphone showing apple airplay 2's multi room audio support at wwdc 2017

Apple has announced a host of manufacturers that will support the next version of AirPlay with the release of iOS 11 this autumn.

In addition to unveiling its Siri-activated ‘HomePod’ wireless speaker for the home, Apple announced much-awaited details on its upcoming release to its operating system, iOS 11, a its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The update will include the introduction of AirPlay 2 – and the list of manufacturers already on board is lengthy. Names include Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, Bose, Bluesound, Denon, Devialet, Dynaudio, Naim and Marantz. Following its release in December, the Apple HomePod speaker will also feature the technology, as well as Beats devices.

Just why is the next version of AirPlay such an exciting prospect? It will offer multi-room support and the ability to stream music wirelessly to and between compatible speakers. Users will also be able to control playback via an Apple TV box.

Images released from the Apple suggests that users will additionally be able to set speaker locations (such as ‘living room’) and control audio in that room – down to the individual speaker.

It’s not yet clear whether AirPlay 2 will offer backwards-compatibility with first-generation AirPlay devices and how exactly functionality between devices’ native apps HomeKit for Apple Music will be work. Watch this space for more information out of Cupertino.