Nest Third-Generation Learning Thermostat Now Shipping

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

AV Distributor Invision UK has announced that the third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat is now available.

The third-generation Nest Thermostat learns the temperature the clients like, then programs itself. It knows how long it takes to heat their home so they’re comfortable when they wake up in the morning, or get home from a day in the cold. And when they leave, it can automatically turns down the boiler and hot water tank. It’s slimmer, sleeker, and the display is even bigger and sharper, and with Farsight it lights up and shows you the temperature you set or the time when you walk into the room. You can even choose a digital or analogue clock face.

The Nest Thermostat now controls hot water in addition to central heating. Customers can adjust the hot water schedule from their phone or thermostat, boost from anywhere, and Auto-Away works with their hot water tank to help save energy when no one’s home (after 48 hours).

Nest now also supports uses advanced modulation OpenTherm to enable two-way communication between compatible boilers and the third-generation Nest Thermostat to work out the precise amount of gas to burn to reach or maintain the requested temperature, rather than simply turn the boiler on or off, helping to save energy, increase comfort and prolonging the life of the heating system.

Through the Works with Nest program, the new Nest Thermostat can also securely connect with other Nest and third-party products to makes homes safer, more energy-efficient, and aware. Partners include many leading whole home control systems such as RTI, Control4 and Crestron, as well as household brands such as Philips, Bosch, and LG for example.