Netgear smart camera combines security, lighting and voice

arlo voice-controlled security camera shining spotlight in the dark

The entry-level security camera market may be getting a little busy lately – especially when it comes to crowdfunded projects born from Kickstarter campaigns, or similar – but the newest offering from Arlo, a sub-brand of Netgear, appears to be a Swiss army knife of security technology.

Not just adept at keeping possible intruders or burglars at bay through monitoring activity outside the home, Arlo’s tactfully named “Security Light System” also reportedly can shine a light on trespassers and connect with Alexa, as well as recording the faces of potential troublemakers.

Soon to be a separate brand from the Netgear name, Arlo states that users can tell the lights on the camera to both flash and change colour and talk to Amazon Alexa to turn cameras on if otherwise engaged.

Although billed as “smart,” the system is far from connected and is fully battery-powered, coming with only a mounting kit.

Arlo’s Security Light System is currently shipping in the US, with prices for different-sized kits ranging from $150 (single) to $350 (three-pack), with launches further afield to be announced later in 2018. Certainly not cheap for a battery-powered device, but perhaps worth the investment as a reasonable option for integrating into a broader security system if the system delivers on all its promises.