New Legrand smart lighting for Apple HomeKit


Legrand has unveiled the Legrand Home Smart Lighting for Apple HomeKit.

The new range includes smart switches, dimmers and plug-ins that can be connected to the Wi-Fi network without the need for a hub, allowing iOS users to easily and securely control their lighting when at home or away using an iPhone or iPad, as well as via Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant voice-enabled products. 

As part of Legrand’s global Eliot IoT programme, the new Legrand Home Smart Lighting for Apple HomeKit includes the Smart Tru-Universal Dimmer, Smart Switch, Smart Plug-in Switch, and Smart Plug-in Tru-Universal Dimmer. 

The Smart Tru-Universal Dimmer and Smart Plug-in Tru-Universal Dimmer control all 120V dimmable light bulbs and loads. 

Homeowners can also use a Remote Switch or Remote Dimmer paired with the Smart Switch and Smart Tru-Universal Dimmer to address multi-location needs, such as three-way to five-way control where more than one device controls the same light. 

Fritz Werder, vice president and general manager of Legrand | AV, said: “Legrand Home Smart Lighting for Apple HomeKit offers advanced smart lighting control capabilities, including remote access and voice control with Siri.

“Apple enthusiasts can use the Apple Home app for simple setup and native control with other HomeKit accessories for full home control. For those that prefer a different voice assistant, they can use the Legrand Home iOS app to enable voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant products.”