Pakedge Adds New Router to its RE Series

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

Pakedge Device & Software has unveiled a new addition to its RE router series. The Pakedge RE-2 enterprise grade 4-port router, build...

Pakedge Device & Software has unveiled a new addition to its RE router series. The Pakedge RE-2 enterprise grade 4-port router, builds on the RE-1 with additional features for increased performance and functionality.  The RE-series of routers is designed for smaller commercial and residential networks where high performance is required at a cost effective price. The RE-2 is the latest addition to the RE-series of routers and to the Pakedge Connect+ platform, a carefully integrated system of switches, routers, wireless, power management and software technologies, designed to work with each other to deliver seamless, scalable, and reliable multimedia performance. Pakedge RE2 Router “Small networks do not mean small performance. The RE-2 Router is specifically designed to bring high performance to basic to mid-level networks installations,” says Benson Chan, VP of Business Development at Pakedge. “We’ve incorporated several enterprise level technologies found in our larger routers, including a powerful chipset designed specifically for processing multimedia traffic, into the RE-2 for seamless, scalable and reliable performance. The result is a supercharged router with a significant performance boost over other routers at this price-point.” The RE-2 Router is aimed at small network systems that require a high performance infrastructure to support heavy usage of bandwidth-intensive and latency sensitive applications. It is designed around four parameters—performance, security, simplicity, and value. Like the RE-1 router, the RE-2 router is built around a powerful chipset and processor designed specifically to manage simultaneous streams of high bandwidth, low latency multimedia traffic including high definition video and uncompressed audio, running Voice over IP (VOIP) telephones services, streaming video camera feeds and supporting other automation control system applications. Six preconfigured Pakedge Zones allow installers to segment voice, video, and data traffic onto distinct sub-networks. This enables diverse traffic types to co-exist, be processed more efficiently, and eliminate system conflicts. This makes network set up and installation quicker and easier and enables installers to improve network performance and prevent broadcast storms and other problems on media streaming devices and security cameras. It also means that installers can add more media streaming devices onto the network quickly and easily when required in the future. The RE-2 router also incorporates other multimedia traffic management features. These include Pakedge TruStream technology that distinguishes and prioritizes the processing of latency-sensitive traffic (e.g., VoIP traffic, streaming video) from other traffic and IGMP snooping that facilitates the proper operation of multicast media streaming devices within the network. The RE-Series routers are designed for small to mid-size networks at a cost-effective price. It comes with a standard 3-year warranty, along with free lifetime firmware updates and support from Pakedge’s award-winning tech support team. In conjunction with the  RE-2 router, Pakedge has updated its small network systems solution offerings by including two new solutions based on the RE-2. The first system, designated as the RE-2 Power Users solution consists of the RE-2 router, the S8Mpdp managed switch, the PI-04 power injector, the W7 wireless access point (WAP), and the P8 power distribution unit (PDU). The second system, dubbed the RE-2 Power Users Plus solution, consists of the RE-2 router, the S8Hav managed switch, two W7 WAPs and a P8 PDU. Both systems are ideal for smaller networks that require multimedia streaming. pakedge.com