Panasonic Smart Home Products Pass ULE Certification Programme

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The ULE Alliance has announced that 10 smart home products from Panasonic have successfully passed the certification programme for ULE (Ultra-Low Energy) devices.

The ULE Certification Programme ensures interoperability of devices across multiple manufacturers and enforces a high quality requirement for product operation to achieve consistent user experience. The new wireless standard ULE is deemed to be particularly secure whilst offering a greater range than other wireless standards.

The products from Panasonic that have passed the certification programme include motion, flood and glass break detectors.The tests were conducted at AT4 wireless, the official testing and certification partner of the ULE Alliance.

“The growth strategy of Panasonic aims at enhancing our innovative product line up to a wide range of interoperable hardware, software and services. With the new Smart Home products in place we will contribute to the success of the very much promising IoT market”, said Hans-Peter Steinbrueck, Panasonic
Consumer Marketing Europe. “The Smart Home products will give our customers peace of mind in daily life regardless if staying at home or being on the move. We will continue our efforts to provide our customers with new innovative Smart Home devices in future.”

ULE Alliance