Pioneer to make play for Oppo’s market share?

Pioneer Blu-ray player front view

Rumours are circulating that Pioneer could be about to make a play for taking the gap in the 4K Blu-ray player market left behind by Oppo.

The not-so-subtle hint about a new product came via the Japanese version of manufacturer’s website as it recently shared an image of two concealed product boxes. The potential giveaway being that, as noted by those with a beady eye on the website, that the webpage featuring the products had ‘BDLX’ in its address (i.e. Pioneer BDP-LX58 and BDP-LX88 players…)

The fact that its been 4 years since Pioneer’s last player launch since to further substantiate the claim. It would also be a safe guess that the players would be at pitched at the high-end market like its predecessors.

Many have often been torn between the two company's offerings, but with Oppo’s demise (announcing they would cease manufacturing its hi-fi and Blu-ray products soon) there would be no time like the present for Pioneer to capitalise on the loss of the CI world’s favourite 4K Blu-ray players amongst the Sony, Samsung, and LG’s of the world.

Watch this space to see if Pioneer do in fact launch a Blu-ray player or two soon, and if they pack in decent HDR support (if any).