REELEX Joins CCCA in Fight Against Counterfeit Cables


REELEX Packaging Solutions Inc., provider and licensor of the REELEX tangle and twist-free package for wire and cable, is now an active m...

REELEX Packaging Solutions Inc., provider and licensor of the REELEX tangle and twist-free package for wire and cable, is now an active member of the Communications Cable & Connectivity Association (CCCA).  The CCCA is a non-profit association comprised of leading manufacturers, distributors and material suppliers. CCCA is a resource on timely topics affecting the structured cabling industry – to help ensure the safety, quality and performance of communications cable and connectivity products. REELEX-II-Genuine-vs-Knockoff-CompareEarlier in 2015, REELEX began its own anti-counterfeiting campaign aimed at educating installers and manufacturers alike about the perils of knockoff REELEX packaging and substandard cabling. Besides frequent knotting, tangling and poor package performance, knockoff REELEX packages can cause cable damage leading to significant performance degradation, and is typically an obvious sign of substandard quality. Partially due to this campaign, this July REELEX announced that it signed four new licensees (wire and cable manufacturers/brands) in the first half of the year, stating that never before in its 1H history had so many licensees come onboard. Timothy Copp, Vice President of Business Development for REELEX notes, “As the first thing installers see when they purchase cable, the package can also be one of the first indications that an end-user might be dealing with suspect cable quality. By joining CCCA, REELEX is honored to be part of the organization leading the charge against counterfeit and non-compliant cabling, much of which is typically supplied in knockoff REELEX look-alike packaging. Since many of our licensees are already CCCA members, it is only natural that REELEX joins in the fight against counterfeit and substandard cabling.”  Installers can learn about knockoff packaging and its dangers at www.REELEX.com/counterfeit. “Counterfeit cable in general is a big deal and installers need to know it can seriously affect their livelihoods,” says Copp. “Today more than ever, growing technologies like 4K, HDBaseT and PoE (Power over Ethernet) place heavy performance demands on the cable infrastructure. Inferior cable as the result of copper-shaving, poor materials or just blatant fraudulent claims of specs and/or certifications not only lead to poor performance but open the door to significant fire and safety issues – all of which can pose liability risks to the installer. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) regularly releases warnings about fraudulent and noncompliant wire and cable products.” The CCCA has developed a free app (compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices) that helps installers easily identify counterfeit cables. The app allows installers to look up a brand’s UL code and also walks them through the identification process. To learn more about the app, visit www.cccassoc.org/news/free-apps/. www.reelex.com