Rexel Secures UK Distribution of the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect: Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The leading electrical wholesaler, Rexel, is thrilled to announce it has secured UK trade distribution rights for the Nest Learning Therm...

The leading electrical wholesaler, Rexel, is thrilled to announce it has secured UK trade distribution rights for the Nest Learning Thermostat™ and Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide™ Alarm. Both Nest products will be available in multiple Rexel Group owned branches, including Newey & Eyre, WF Senate, Wilts and Denmans. The Nest portfolio of products will create new opportunities for electrical installers, enabling them to offer their customers the latest technology to help them save energy and keep their families safe. The Nest Thermostat™ takes away the hassle of programming. Simply turn it up and down like a manual thermostat for about a week and Nest will create a personalised schedule that is refined over time. And with its built-in sensors, the Nest Thermostat™ knows when no one is home, so Nest’s Auto-Away feature can automatically turn down the temperature, helping to save even more energy. And users can control the temperature from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Contained within the Nest Thermostat™ are a range of sensors: three temperature sensors; a humidity sensor; two activity sensors which distinguish between human and pet movement so the system is only triggered by human movement; and an ambient light sensor. Contained within the Nest Thermostat™ are a range of sensors: three temperature sensors, a humidity sensor, an ambient light sensor, and two activity sensors that combined with algorithms notice when you're away and when you come home. The Nest Protect™ does much more than just sound a shrill alarm when there’s danger in the home. The Nest Protect™ speaks to the user with a human voice, telling them what and where the problem is. It can even alert a phone via the Nest app when something’s wrong. It knows when there’s a little smoke or a lot of smoke, and when there are emergency levels of odourless and colourless carbon monoxide. As soon as the Nest Protect™ senses there’s a problem, the user will get a Heads Up warning so they can address the problem or evacuate the home. And at night, Nest Protect’s Pathlight™ glows white to light the way in the dark as householders pass below it. The Nest products can do even more by working together. For example, if the Nest Protect’s™ carbon monoxide alarm goes off and there is an active Wi-Fi connection at the time of the event, a connected Nest Thermostat™ automatically turns off the gas or oil boiler – a frequent source of carbon monoxide leaks. The Nest Thermostat™ works with most heating systems and is compatible with multi-zone households. Installations are flexible being either wall mounted, to replace an existing thermostat, or for those who don’t have thermostats, want to replace wireless thermostats, or just want to put in a better location, the Stand for the Nest Learning Thermostat is available to place Nest in a better location. Luke Biddle, marketing manager at Newey & Eyre, said: “Times are changing and fast. As the new energy world emerges, installers must go beyond the traditional remit to position themselves as an energy advisor, providing informed, up-to-date knowledge on all the latest solutions which can help their customers save energy and, in turn, money. “With this in mind, we are delighted that we are able to bring this ground-breaking solution to the UK trade through Rexel. Leveraging our unrivalled relationships with global manufacturers, this is one of a number of truly innovative smart solutions to come, as we continue in our commitment to helping our customers to save energy and control energy costs. “The recommendation for customers is to take stock now; this is a fantastic and easy-sell opportunity for installers looking to tap into the fast-growing smart technology market.” Nest offers free online training to help installers understand how to install and sell the products to their customers. Once registered the installer is eligible for exclusive benefits including bulk-buy prices, qualified local customer leads, expert marketing and sales help, premium marketing materials and VIP live support. Nest products are now available from all branches of Newey & Eyre, WF Senate, Wilts and Denmans. www.nest.com/ukpro