RTI Launches New Website to Enhance the Visitor Experience


RTI has announced its new website is now live. Updated with a fresh look, the revamped website puts the focus on the range of solutions that are possible with RTI user interfaces and custom programming.

The new design features a day-in-the-life timeline with interactive elements that allow users to explore the many ways that RTI simplifies the home, office, and business through automation. A showcase section has also been added to the website, filled with visuals of real-life installations around the world to provide dealers and end-users with inspiration for their projects.

"The new RTI website is an engaging and informative resource for end-users and dealers alike," said Mike Everett, vice president of sales and marketing, Americas for RTI. "With its new enhancements, the site allows end-users to experience what is possible through automation with RTI. For dealers, the site becomes an extension of our marketing literature and gives them an additional sales tool that they can share with clients."

Visitors to the website will experience RTI user interfaces in scenarios across the spectrum of daily life, from the home to the office and anywhere in between. These user interfaces feature custom graphical user interfaces designed specifically for each application while interactive elements allow the user to explore the world of automation. The new showcase section highlights what RTI dealers are doing for their clients every day, providing a compelling view of real-life installations.