Samsung gives in to the power of OLED?

sony a1e oled tv screen is speaker

Rumours are rife in Korea that Samsung is currently assembling a specific R&D department dedicated to manufacturing a new line of TVs that will incorporate a form of OLED technology.

The whole OLED vs. QLED debate may have long been scrutinised by display experts and journalists alike, but its seems Samsung may be about to (slightly) concede victory by giving in to the popularity of OLED by making a TV rumoured to incorporate both technologies.

A report by specialist Korean publication etnews outlines that one of the concepts the display powerhouse’s new division overseeing product development of its next generation of TVs is considering is a hybrid of Quantum Dot and OLED technology.

'QD-OLED', as it's referred to in the article, is said to use blue OLEDs as a backlight source and see both red and green Quantum Dots printed over the top of the blue OLED layer. Supposedly, the result is thin TVs that are closer to matching the thickness of LG, Sony and Panasonic’s OLED models – something Samsung has always struggled to compete with to date.

This is very much a work in progress, however. News from Korea suggests the amount of work to potentially bring the ‘QD-OLED’TV idea to life, means if the plans do come to fruition, it will be likely not be launched until 2021 or later.