Samsung Launches its Curved 55-Inch and 65-Inch UHD Televisions in the UK

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

Following the recent launch announcement, Samsung Electronics Co. UK Ltd, has today announced that its stunning 55 and 65-inch HU8500 UHD...

Following the recent launch announcement, Samsung Electronics Co. UK Ltd, has today announced that its stunning 55 and 65-inch HU8500 UHD Curved TVs will be available to buy from selected UK retailers from 14th April. The HU8500 series, which was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, is set to change the way that consumers watch TV and reinforce Samsung’s position as the category leader for the UHD and Curved screens TV market, with the range offering the ultimate Curved UHD viewing experience bringing images to life with a deeper sense of depth, wider viewing angles and clearer picture quality with higher contrast levels. Samsung proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer technology, makes you feel like you're literally there - by analysing different areas on screen and applying contrast enhancements to each of these areas to provide a superior sense of depth, this deeper experience will surround and delight your senses. Designed with a 4.2m radius curvature optimized for the average viewing distance¹ of most living rooms, it also offers a wider field of view by shortening the distance between the viewer and the screen's corners and hence creating more natural viewing angles. Samsung's curved UHD screen provides higher levels of contrast and less external light reflections directed towards the viewer compared to flat screens, delivering clearer images. The combination of Samsung’s proprietary PANEL, PROCESSOR and BACKLIGHT technologies work together with the optimal curved form factor to ensure you get the clearest possible image and most accurate and natural colours on screen every time. With 4 times more detail than Full HD, Samsung's unique UHD experience gets you closer to the action than ever before. What’s more, the HU8500 series innovative 4 step UHD upscaling technology converts lower resolution content such as live TV and Blu-Ray discs to stunningly sharper images, so the viewer can enjoy all their favourite TV shows and movies in more detail and clarity than ever before Samsung’s latest UHD curved TVs boast a host of different features including: PurColour™– Experience more accurate and natural colours than ever before with Samsung’s PurColour™ technology. UHD Dimming technology - precisely adjusts colour, contrast and detail in every image to deliver deeper blacks and purer whites for the ultimate in picture clarity and contrast. Future Ready - unique to Samsung, renew your TV to the latest technology and UHD standards with the UHD Evolution Kit² Faster processor - The new Smart TV experience is also lightning fast thanks to the upgraded processor, Quad Core Plus, which is up to two times faster than a Quad Core processor. Multitasking - Samsung’s new innovative Multi-Link³ screen brings a broader level of multitasking to the viewing experience Design - Samsung’s revolutionary curved UHD screen takes the art of TV design to a whole new level. This stunning curved screen is encased in an elegant metal frame, complemented by the striking metallic Aero curved stand. Smart control - The new Samsung Smart Control combines a premium metallic ergonomic design with motion recognition, a touch pad and a new button console to provide you with simpler, more accurate content selection and ultra responsive control Pricing is subject to individual retailers. www.samsung.com