Samsung reveals more about ‘Onyx Cinema’ 3D LED screen launch

Samsung Cinema LED Onyx technology cinema screen and seats

Samsung has been teasing LED technology it claims boasts deep blacks and the brightest of brights on the down low at various trade shows and event for a while now, but it appears to be now ready to publicise more details on its plans.

Said to offer as much as ten times more brightness than a projector (at 300 nits) and 16 bits of colour per pixel, Samsung’s cinema LED screen was seen by a select few at ISE 2018 and is installed in limited locations around the world.

Built from tiny surface mount device LEDs borrowed from outdoor AV technology, self-emitting pixels powers the Onyx screen, with ‘true blacks’ delivered by turning of individual LEDs – similar to how OLED TVs are set up.

According to Engadget, Samsung will officially launch three versions of the LED screen to suit different-sized spaces. This will comprise of a 5-metre (19 ft) DCI 2K (2,048 x 1080) model and a 10-metre (34 ft) and 14-metre (50 ft) DCI 4K (4,096 x 2,160) versions as standard, but also support flat DCI, wide and more resolutions (including HDR formats like the Samsung-backed HDR10+).

Samsung is seemingly going hard on pushing that its Onyx screen is one of the most optimum ways to watch HDR content. 3D (because some people still care) support is also incorporated, with 500 nits of brightness to be enjoyed watching 4K. Samsung’s Onyx LED emits instead of filtering colour to target the kind of high luminance suited for optimum viewing of HDR.

Samsung says it groups 256 x 360 pixel cabinets to create Onyx displays, with numbers ranging from 24 cabinets to 178 for the largest announced model.

Sound is naturally a bespoke system from Harman JBL (owned by Samsung) called ‘Sculpted Surround Sound audio systems’ designed to suit a more slanted seating set-up needed for installing the Onyx screen.

Whilst its “large TV” approach is cool but pricy to own compared to the majority of projector set-ups (which of course don’t involve a complete rebuild/brand new space to deploy) Samsung is optimistic and about rollout – telling Engadget it hopes to have 30 cinema locations by the end of the year. Onyx is being targeted at commercial cinemas for now, but don’t rule out the success (or lack of) of the technology affecting the resi world (especially for the kind of client that have a big enough space…)

Source: Engadget