Samsung targets smart home with “stretchable” display launch

bendable OLED samsung panel introduced at SID 2017 in los angeles

Flexible screens not a new concept – LG recently intro’d its LG Ultra Stretch display and researchers are consistently innovating in stretchable technology, but for the first time a big name manufacturer is specifically targeting the technology at the smart home.

Samsung hope its newly invented “stretchable” OLED panel can transform how we use the Internet of Things and WiFi-enabled devices for the home.

According to Korean news website Yonhapnews, the panel is expected to be unveiled at the Society for Information Display (SID) 2017 taking place in Los Angeles this week, ushering in what Samsung labels “a new era for the industry.”

While other panels bend one way, this display is capable of being bent in both directions. Samsung state it can be stretched up to 12mm without losing quality in its resolution, before reverting back to its original shape.

The manufacturer is anticipated to launch a 9.1-in version of the panel at the event. The image above of Samsung’s stretchable display was released by the company on Monday.