Samsung unveils upgrades to Family Hub refrigerator at CES 2019

Family Hub

The next generation of Samsung Electronics’ Family Hub refrigerator has been revealed this week at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Continuing to bring more connectivity to the kitchen, Samsung has added Bixby, an AI capability improving the service and making it more personal to the user, and a new communal, interactive Family Board screen.

Bixby takes the intelligence of the refrigerator even further by giving the user a more personal experience. Users can ask for a morning brief and Bixby will give the owner the information they require such as the weather, top news stories and what their traffic is like on the way to work. As well as relaying this through voice for the user to listen to, the information also appears written on the new Family Board screen. 

Users can interact more naturally with the Hub as Bixby uses voice Id technology to distinguish between family members and has a more conversational manner. 

The other addition to the hub is the new Family Board screen, a digital bulletin allowing family members to do things such as leave notes for each other, share photos, messages and memories, build meal plans and shopping lists and much more. It also lets users look inside the refrigerator from their smartphone which is handy when in the supermarket and can also highlight expiration dates.  

The Meal Planner feature will customise recipes based on food preferences, dietary requirements and items in the fridge. And when the screen is not being used, a customisable, dynamic screen saver will appear displaying things like photos, information such as the weather forecast, or a plain colour to blend with the kitchen décor. 

Samsung Electronics is currently showing the upgraded Family Hub refrigerator on their booth 15006 Central Hall at CES 2019.