Sinemas & designflow announce unique collaboration

designflow & Sinemas - hires

Sinemas and designflow have announced a partnership to make it easier and simpler for integrators to design, sell and create home cinema rooms.

The collaboration will make it possible for integrators to show their clients a virtual reality (VR) cinema room quickly and easily by combining Sinema’s new Virtual Showroom tool and designflow’s design and documentation services to deliver cinema build drawings. 

Sinemas’ new Virtual Showroom, which is available now but will be officially launched at EI Live, uses VR to show customers a variety of different cinema demo rooms. A unique feature of this new tool is that when the client has the VR headset on, their view is also displayed on a screen so that the integrator can also see what they are looking at and allows them to talk about the room without confusion and makes the experience more realistic.

To help integrators deliver what clients see in VR into the real world, Sinemas is also offering is longer standing bespoke visualisation and VR services and will be tying these in with designflow’s design and documentation offerings. 

Sinemas and designflow will be demonstrating their new partnership by exhibiting together at EI Live on Stand 1.