Software update strikes down Samsung TVs

Samsung’s MU6100 TV affected by software update

Those considering updating their Samsung TVs may want to consider at the moment, with thousands of owners of TVs as old as 3 years old are reporting that the manufacturer’s latest update has brought with it blank screens unresponsive to remote controls.

Just who may be at risk from making their TV unresponsive? Not just 2017 sets – according to users complaining about the issue around the world, some of which own Samsung TVs which are over 3 years old.

Issues being most commonly reported include TVs not turning on, being stuck on the home screen, not responding to remote control commands and being stuck on one channel.

The original forum post on the TV manufacturer’s website complaining about the impact of the update (released last week) received thousands of responses by people experiencing the same issue – some of which had bought TV models only a fortnight ago. Models mentioned included the Samsung’s MU6100 (pictured above) and MU6409 4K TVs and the F5500 Full HD line.

No far-reaching resolution has been offered yet by Samsung in the 7 days that have past, with some reportedly being informed that an engineer will visit their home to resolve the issue.

This news broke before Samsung’s heir-apparent Lee Jae-yong was sentenced to five years in prison for corruption in what has been a challenging year for the manufacturer on the back of January’s Galaxy Note 7 scandal.