Sonos revamps desktop app

sonos app on phone next to two white wireless speakers

It’s easy to forget Sonos isn’t all about its mobile app, but the manufacturer has rolled out some new changes worth knowing about.

Sonos seemingly wants to make web control of its devices easier and has simplified its web interface with the release of version 9.2. Updates include automatic player updates supporting the automatic installation of the latest software updates, including for the upcoming Sonos Amp.

A volume limiting function also provides the option to set a maximum volume specific Sonos products can reach, which can also be controlled on a room-by-room basis.

That’s what’s been added, however – in its bid to keep things simple, Sonos has at the same time scrapped the ability to set up a Sonos device or switch rooms using the desktop app, add players, create pairs, set up a TV, enable parental controls, manage network settings or change account passwords – which is all being pushed towards being done on the app.

Updates to older iOS 9 and Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich systems means users won’t be able to add new speakers or set up a new system, although still browse, search and play music.

The update additionally ends support for the 2010-released Sonos Dock (which will still be able to charge, but won’t connect to a wider Sonos ecosystem anymore).

The company says it has done this to make the desktop interface more in line with its iOS and Android apps, yet the logic of removing features on the desktop that are still available on recent versions of the app hasn’t quite clicked yet, but if people aren’t using desktop for the above, the decision (kind of) makes sense.