Soundcast Appoints New Online Compliance Manager


[caption id="attachment_9760" align="alignright" width="118"] Stephen Smith[/caption] Soundcast has named Stephen Smith as Online Comp...

[caption id="attachment_9760" align="alignright" width="118"]smitty-2014118x177 Stephen Smith[/caption] Soundcast has named Stephen Smith as Online Compliance Manager. In a first of a series of pivotal staff additions, Soundcast, a developer and manufacturer of high-performance wireless music systems appoints and welcomes Smith to its U.S. business team. This new position is the first in a series of steps the company is taking toward solidifying the vision of the new Soundcast as a “boutique audio” line for its dealers and distributors. As Online Compliance Manager, Smith will monitor, report violations and enforce the company’s Unilateral Resale Policies daily. “Stephen is a fantastic addition to the Soundcast team”, comments Oscar Ciornei, newly appointed CEO and President, “Having a deep understanding of our customer base and its channels, alongside his strong analytical skills and veracity for research, he will give us the muscle required to strengthen and maintain our product pricing integrity for our distributors and dealers.” Bringing on board his expertise in both sales and online compliance, Steve will help strengthen the brands message of unique quality products and careful channel positioning. Stephen has spent the better portion of four decades in sales roles with several speaker manufacturers including Boston Acoustics, M&K Sound, and Martin Logan, a long-term sales veteran of The OAC Group and 15-years in the telecommunications industry.  His background and channel-market expertise is diverse in retail, distribution, representative sales and direct sales. Stephen resides and will be based in Portland Oregon. www.gosoundcast.com