Spotify confirms “free” streaming support

spotify playing music on iphone and close up of speaker

In a bid to keep all members of the Spotify community happy (yes, even the free users), the streaming service has revealed that certain enabled speakers will support Spotify Free as well as its Premium option.

Spotify Connect is a staple of wireless speakers, allowing users to easily enjoy streaming tunes from their paid-for Premium subscription to them via the relevant app.

Spotify seemingly plans to widen the services Connect-enabled speakers support, and has given the green light for its Commercial Partners’ SDK to allow hardware partners to offer the free tier experience from Spotify Connect-enabled speakers. Speaker manufacturers simply update their product(s) to allow users to play music on Spotify, leaving Bluetooth out of the equation.

This makes being a Spotify Free user a pretty sweet deal right now (coupled with recent updates to the mobile experience) – leaving us to believe it thinks this will aid its efforts encouraging users to switch to becoming paying Spotify users and make a dent on its $1 billion debt announced earlier this year…

“We look forward to supporting our partners over the coming months as they update existing speakers and bring new products to market,” said Mikael Ericsson, senior product manager at Spotify (naturally, avoiding the financial strategy behind the move).