Stealth Acoustics StingRay Speaker Wins CEA Mark of Excellence Award

Stealth Acoustics, a premier U.S. speaker manufacturer is the recipient of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Association Mark of Excellence A...

Stealth Acoustics, a premier U.S. speaker manufacturer is the recipient of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Association Mark of Excellence Award of Speaker of the Year for its StingRay fully-sealed outdoor speaker. The winners of the 2014 Mark of Excellence Awards, presented by CEA's TechHome Division, were announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas at the Mark of Excellence Awards ceremony held at the Venetian hotel on the evening of January 8, 2014. The coveted Speaker of the Year award recognizes the best new product in advancing speaker technology for consumers and professional installation applications. "Mark of Excellence is a very prestigious award that is presented during one of the world's most conspicuous trade events and winning Speaker of the Year for our StingRay outdoor speaker is very cool." remarked Steve Olszewski Stealth Acoustics vice president who accepted the award on behalf of the company. "As a US manufacturer we are even prouder of receiving this award because it provides international awareness and offers globally-respected validation for a very unique and capable speaker product." StingRay is a hermetically-sealed and fully waterproof hi-fidelity outdoor speaker offering unprecedented environmental durability and impressive full-range sound, all packaged in a pleasingly shaped fiber-infused ASA exterior plastic enclosure which provides a slim profile and clean unobtrusive look. The speaker, available in 5 stock colors, may also be fully painted or covered in creative graphics without concern of damaging components or compromising sound quality. Unlike any other outdoor speaker, there are no grills or opening in StingRay keeping the elements of nature fully isolated from the internal components. StingRay incorporates Stealth's proprietary Fidelity Glasstm impenetrable fiberglass front radiating surface, internally driven by an acoustically-coupled high-power cone woofer and direct-coupled neodymium tweeter. Internal components are fully-protected from signal overload via self-resetting internal circuit breakers on each frequency stage. Due to the unique vibratory nature of its flat fiberglass radiating surface which mimics how sound is created in real instruments and voices, StingRay is a very natural-sounding outdoor speaker with well-defined highs, surprising low frequency response and excellent overall tonal balance. StingRay provides homogeneous 170 degree hemispherical coverage across all frequencies from 45Hz to 18kHz, avoiding the hot and dead spots in coverage caused by traditional "beamy" speakers. This means using fewer StingRays provides better sound coverage than traditional outdoor speakers. StingRay has also obtained an unprecedented certified Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP-68 meeting strident IEC measurement standards for complete solid particle resistance and full liquid ingress protection under water. An operable temperature range of 0 to 150 degrees F (-18 to + 65 C) provides for extreme environmental durability and reliability in outdoor climates. www.stealthacoustics.com