Stewart Filmscreen to showcase demos of latest products at CEDIA Expo 2019

Stewart Filmscreen's newly redesigned Luxus retractable below ceiling screen system

Stewart Filmscreen has announced what it will be showcasing at CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver in September.

One product the company will highlight is the new Screen Assistant CPQ screen quoting system, where visitors can bring their specs or prints and get a consultation and quote for a fully optimised reference-quality imaging screen.

Also on its booth, Stewart Filmscreen will be featuring masking systems and fabrics for a variety of screen models, including the Cima brand, the new Director’s Choice Slimline, VistaScope, and CineCurve models. 

Visitors will also be able to see the Stewart Filmscreen’s newly designed Luxus below-ceiling screen system, raising the bar in retractable projection screens. With a stylish and elegant design for a modern art feel, the retractable screen is ideal for multipurpose rooms, and works well with UST projectors. 

The newly integrated Wi-Fi system allows homeowners to connect Luxus to Alexa and other home automation platforms for full control. 

Finally, the Balón and the brand new Balón Edge will also be on show. Both of these video projection screens offer unlimited fabric options as well as a fixed-frame, borderless screen, creating a floating image for the viewer. The overlapping wrap hides all frame edges to ensure great viewing angles while keeping the image plane within one-in of the wall surface. 

“The CEDIA Expo allows attendees to see first-hand the quality of our projection screen systems, each of which is customised to the customer’s unique requirements and then meticulously handcrafted by one of our professional artisans,” said Mary Stewart, CEO and owner of Stewart Filmscreen. “We look forward to demonstrating our newly redesigned Luxus, unveiling the new Balón Edge, and showing visitors how smoothly we can tailor every aspect of screen design and fabrication to meet their specific needs.”