Tempow connects Bluetooth speakers to make surround sound system

Tempow multi-speaker Bluetooth streaming technology on TV in home

For those with a collection of Bluetooth speakers wishing they could come up with a more purposeful use for them, Paris-based startup Tempow may have the solution.

Arguably one of the most interesting features of Tempow’s latest software offering is the functionality to stream music to more than one Bluetooth speaker at the same time.

The manufacturer states it has spent years perfecting its ‘Tempow Audio Profile’ Bluetooth technology – backed up by two patents to date – which has now come to TVs and set-top boxes, following on from earlier iterations.

Tempow has been keen to stress that its streaming supports creating a build-your-own Bluetooth surround sound system without added audio compression as it does not struggle with space constraints when streaming (though, naturally it would struggle more with movie-watching).

The ‘TAP’ technology supports using as many as six speakers in a 5.1 configuration and also incorporates bass technology if an added boost is needed to mimic a sub being present is needed.

The company is currently working on build partnerships with TV and phone manufacturers (and has worked with the likes of Motorola) to get its software into operating systems before they hit the market.