ThinkFire Announces Availability of Home Automation Patent Landscape Report

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

ThinkFire is pleased to announce its Home Automation Patent Landscape Report will be available for purchase beginning July 14, 2014. Much...

ThinkFire is pleased to announce its Home Automation Patent Landscape Report will be available for purchase beginning July 14, 2014. Much of the growth in home automation is being driven by the smartphone acting as the remote control for one’s life. With this connection to the smartphone, numerous companies are actively looking to develop and acquire home automation technology. ThinkFire’s patent landscape report provides a list of leading companies owning intellectual property related to home automation wireless technology, the patenting growth curve, patents that predate the standards used in home automation products, patent and company acquisition opportunities, and helpful information to support on-going patent filing activities. Products for the home automation market are exploding, and several leading market surveys forecast the home automation market to grow from its current size of $3.5 billion in 2013 to $15 billion in 2017. Zigbee® and Z-Wave®, two open wireless communications standards designed for embedded low power home automation systems, will play major roles in this growth since both are underlying enabling technologies driving the "Internet of Things." The Z-Wave® Alliance is a consortium of over 250 leading companies dedicated to interoperable wireless control products based on the Z-Wave® wireless standard. Similar to Z-Wave®, the Zigbee® Alliance is a consortium with over 400 members currently offering more than 600 Zigbee® Certified products. Z-Wave® (or ITU recommendation G.9959) and Zigbee® (or IEEE 802.15.4) are both growing open wireless communications standards based on ad hoc networking for connectivity and are both optimized for low power and simplicity of use for low bit rate communications. A mesh network provides both self-organizing and self-healing capabilities making a mesh network easy to install and maintain through either Z-Wave® or Zigbee® standards. Thus both standards are growing in use in the home to control lighting, energy management, security, entertainment systems, and all of your household appliances. “One of ThinkFire’s primary objectives is to continually and efficiently provide our clients with valuable IP analyses and insights to enhance their understanding and decision-making”, commented ThinkFire’s CEO Chris Sommers. “ThinkFire’s Home Automation Patent Landscape Report will provide companies a distinct competitive advantage and add significant value to companies’ home automation IP efforts for acquiring, licensing, or filing patents for home automation inventions.” Typical questions the patent landscape will provide answers to include: Who are the home automation technology IP holders, and which companies are growing holdings? What are the potential mesh networking standard essential patents for Z-Wave® and Zigbee®? What are the potential patents impacting home automation products? Are there a sufficient number of patents to form a patent pool? What patents or companies are acquisition opportunities? www.thinkfire.com