URC Announces New Total Control Integration Module for Philips Hue Wireless Lighting

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

Module developed and marketed by Extra Vegetables with the assistance and support of URC is now available URC, the leader in whole-hou...

Module developed and marketed by Extra Vegetables with the assistance and support of URC is now available URC, the leader in whole-house control, today announced Total Control® two-way integration module for Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting developed by Extra Vegetables and URC. The module can be downloaded by Authorized URC Total Control dealers from Extra Vegetables’ website. After replacing conventional bulbs with Hue lamps and connecting the Hue Bridge to the home wireless network, the new integration module allows URC’s Total Control products to communicate with this exciting new lighting system. For maximum compatibility, users can still operate the Hue system using the standard Android or iOS app method. The Philips Hue system consists of user-replaceable LED lamps that screw directly into existing sockets. Users control intensity and color temperature from cool bluish white to warm yellowish white and all of the vibrant colors in between. Supported features include the ability to control all Hue devices from Total Control interfaces, create and edit Lighting Scenes and Groups, and add Macro commands to recall a specific light level, color or color temperature. The new Philips Hue two-way module is also compatible with ccGEN2 interfaces including keypads, the RM-2 remote and ccGEN2-iOS app. ccGEN2 products are sold through distributors; the Total Control line is sold via direct URC dealers only. “This is the latest of several control modules Extra Vegetables has built for our Total Control whole-house automation product line,” said Cat Toomey, director of marketing at URC. “We encourage all authorized Total Control dealers to take advantage of Extra Vegetables’ generous free 14-day demo offer to find out firsthand what all the excitement is about.” This URC Total Control module was developed independently by Extra Vegetables with assistance and support of URC, and is available for purchase from Extra Vegetables. The modules are supported by Extra Vegetables under the terms of their software license which can be viewed under the dealer section of the Extra Vegetables web site at www.extravegetables.com. To ensure that the modules are properly installed and supported, the modules are only sold to Authorized URC Total Control dealers and ccGEN2 dealers. Total Control by URC offers home and business owners unprecedented ease and efficiency. Technologically, it features the latest in innovation and simplicity. Fully scalable, users can begin with a modest system and continue to add features as their needs expand. Home theater, A/V components, lighting, HVAC (thermostat), window shades and security cameras are just a few of the items that can be integrated into a Total Control system from URC. www.UniversalRemote.com