WyreStorm Launches 50m Power over HDBaseT Extender


The EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH is the newest addition to WyreStorm’s growing line of HDMI extenders, now offering integrators performance solution...

The EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH is the newest addition to WyreStorm’s growing line of HDMI extenders, now offering integrators performance solutions for transmission from 40m to 100m. WyreStorm, a global manufacturer that specializes in the design and development of innovative HD and HDBaseT™ distribution products for electronic systems integrators, recently shipped its newest extender set, growing the company’s portfolio of Power over HDBaseT (POH) distribution solutions. The EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH extender set joins WyreStorm’s 70m and 100m extenders to offer integrators an even more affordable, feature rich solution for shorter integration distances of up to 50m. Wyrestorm EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH Transmitter WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH extender set is comprised of a transmitter and receiver to achieve reliable transmission of fully uncompressed HD 1080p video and multi-channel audio, bidirectional IR control and remote power of the source and display using only a single Cat5e/6 cable. The new extender is tested to support 4k Ultra HD transmission up to 35m. The 50m extender set joins the product range as the most affordable HDBaseT POH extender set solution to date from WyreStorm, achieving full HD and 3D video and HD digital audio over 50m. Several EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH can be cascaded over Cat5e/6 cable to lengthen the transmission and increase distribution capabilities, making it ideal for residential and light commercial, as well as hospitality and education facility applications. EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH extender set features PoH technology which eliminates the need for a separate power supply at the TV, resulting in a simpler install as the receiver is powered from the transmitter at the source end. And, thanks to a compact chassis, it can be discretely positions behind a mounted flat panel display or close to the projector. Additional 2-way IR functionality enables integrators and users to control both the source and display with built-in EDID management feature, adding system design flexibility and versatility to any install. WyreStorm’s EDID feature allows an integrator to choose from one of many internal, pre-set EDID’s to best achieve the specific installation application. For example, achieving 7.1 DTS audio from an AVR becomes quick and easy as the integrator simply sets the EDID on the EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH accordingly and the transmitter requests 7.1 audio directly from the source. All WyreStorm HDBaseT products are designed to offer the highest level of product compatibility and system scalability when used with WyreStorm’s other digital A/V distribution and basic control solutions. The WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH is now shipping and is available through WyreStorm growing network of distribution and sales partners. MSRP is $479 USD. www.wyrestorm.com