WyreStorm Releases New HDBaseT 4x4 Matrix + Slimline Display Receiver Solution

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

WyreStorm, a global manufacturer specializing in the design and development of innovative HD and HDBaseT™ distribution products for elect...

WyreStorm, a global manufacturer specializing in the design and development of innovative HD and HDBaseT™ distribution products for electronic systems integrators, announced June 2014 shipping of their MX-0404-PP-KIT HD distribution package, a product that answers the question of how to offer installers more for less to achieve even more affordable single cable AV distribution and control. Wyrestorm 4x4 & RX-70-PP_2K HDBaseT Matrix Inspired by popularity of WyreStorm’s QI 40m matrix and receiver set and based on their Pro Plus HDBaseT range of matrices, the MX-0404-PP-KIT offers integrators all the benefits of their existing 4x4 HDBaseT matrix, including resistance to interference and stable single cable transmissions of full 1080p HD Video @ 60Hz, HD audio and bidirectional control via discrete IR and RS242 from centralized AV location to displays located up to 70m/230ft away using unshielded or shielded Cat5e/6 cable. As with the QI, the PP-KIT includes 4 x display receivers within the package to offer the integrator not only faster, easier installations and greater value for money, the new low-profile of the receivers themselves of just 15mm, offer a reduced form factor behind the screen for even more convenience at the display zone. Receivers feature threaded bushings that allow use of both standard and locking DC power plugs for improved connection options and switchable selection of RS232 for firmware updates or third party control with open source integration protocols available for market leading control systems. Receivers also include LED indication for visual power supply to receiver, signal status to show established connection to display, HDBaseT link to matrix and HDCP confirmation to illustrate the presence of encryption within a signal. This MX-0404-PP-KIT HDBaseT Matrix and display receiver combination allows any connected HDMI inputs to be distributed independently and simultaneously over distance to any of the 4 HD output display receivers connected to the matrix, regardless of HDCP encryption, with the included remote control handset also able to be learned into a universal remote handset to allow the control of multiple devices from one handset. Capable of reading and copying EDID from connected devices with additional EDID configuration through customisable DIP switch settings if necessary, the MX-0404-PP-KIT includes 36bit Deep Colour, a 6.75 Gbps bandwidth range/signalling rate and HDMI v1.4 with full 3D compatibility with frame packing/sequential (Blu-Ray) and interlaced stereoscopic (satellite/cable broadcasts). With control via wide range, bidirectional discrete IR between source and display and vice versa (30 KHz to 56 KHz frequency), further control is achievable over LAN with Control 4 LAN protocols and RS232 including full compatibility and integration with leading control systems. Although omitting the duplicate HDMI outputs found on the MX-0404-PP model that enable outputs to be cascaded by connecting to additional WyreStorm extender solutions, MX-0404-KIT HDBaseT outputs can be extended if required by adding an AMP-001-010 HDBaseT Digital Amplifier between the matrix and receiver as a transmission/repeating device. Not only does this enable extension of an HDBaseT transmission up to 7 times should the project require it, but also offers the added bonus of significantly improved audio options at display zones. MX-0404-PP-KIT offers flexible signal distribution, combined with innovative features and an ease of use to deliver reliable and cost-effective HD video, audio and control along a single Cat5e/6 cable that removes the need for additional control and video cables on installations, with full integration with all WyreStorm ranges that enables the installation of true 'one-manufacturer' systems, whether in a residential or commercial setting. WyreStorm’s MX-0404-PP-KIT ships now – contact your authorised WyreStorm distributor for details of pricing: www.wyrestorm.com/content/european-distributors