WyreStorm Ships Two New Pro Plus HDBaseT Matrix Switchers

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

With the addition of the high performance MX-0808-PP-POH and MX-0808-PP-POH-CUSTOM models, WyreStorm’s Pro Plus Matrix Series now offers ...

With the addition of the high performance MX-0808-PP-POH and MX-0808-PP-POH-CUSTOM models, WyreStorm’s Pro Plus Matrix Series now offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive range of HDBaseT matrix devices on the market. WyreStorm, a global manufacturer that specializes in the design and development of innovative HD and HDBaseT™ distribution products for electronic systems integrators, today announced the shipping of the company’s Pro Plus MX-0808-PP-POH Power over HDBaseT (PoH) and modular MX-0808-PP-POH-CUSTOM built-to-order matrix solutions. Wyrestorm Modular MX-0808-PP-POH-CUSTOM Matrix WyreStorm’s Pro Plus MX-0808-PP-POH-CUSTOM Modular Matrix provides integrators with the utmost in switching and installation flexibility, featuring a completely customizable design, RS-232 routing capabilities, integrated POH and near-limitless selection of input configurations. Two matrices will be available, the 8x8 and 16x16 (end Q2 2014), providing integrators with the choice of eight or 16 fully customizable expansion bays to meet their exact system design and specifications. Building on its HDBaseT foundation, the MX-PP-POH-CUSTOM models deliver HD video, high-resolution audio, RS-232 and IR, as well as low voltage power via a single Cat5e/6 cable (removing the need for power supplies for each display receiving device), making it more convenient than ever before for installers to deliver feature-rich multimedia distribution systems with rock-solid reliability, enhanced flexibility, and the utmost in scalability. With it, WyreStorm unveils an intuitive online web widget that enables integrators to select and configure their MX-PP-POH-CUSTOM matrix online at any time. Starting with an eight module compact chassis that measures only two rack units high or a 16 module chassis at three rack units high, integrators can select from both analog and digital transmission cards, easily dragging and dropping them into the chassis to create near-limitless configuration combinations custom-tailored for any application.. The design tool guides integrators through simple steps and provides design concepts so integrators can easily identify configurations to meet various applications and craft truly custom matrices, including configurations as diverse as 3x8, 4x8, 6x8, 8x12, 6x14, 12x16, 10x32 or any permutation in between. In addition, WyreStorm ships its Pro Plus MX-0808-PP-POH 8x8 fixed matrix. This 8x8 matrix, which will also be available in a 16x16 model (Q2 2014), builds on the strong feature set of WyreStorm’s standard PP matrices, incorporating HDBaseT transmission technology, 36bit 1080p HD video, QuickSync technology, integrated cable testing and improved 2W IR, with the addition of Power over HDBaseT and routed RS232 functionality—all offered at a competitive, new price point. Each of WyreStorm’s Pro Plus matrix solutions are compatible with leading control systems, and when paired with WyreStorm’s award-winning AMP-001-010 HDBaseT amplifier and WyreStorm Enado user interface, provide custom integrators with an end-to-end, total distribution and control solution featuring full HD capabilities, EDID management, HDCP compliance and browser-based control of all connected devices. MX-0808-PP-POH and MX-0808-PP-POH-CUSTOM ship today. Pricing for all models varies based on matrix specifications. www.wyrestorm.com.