Xbox One X unveiled – supports 4K and Dolby Atmos

Xbox One X black and white models showcased at launch

Xbox’s Project Scorpio, first teased at last year’s E3, was officially introduced as Xbox One X at a pre-E3 briefing in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

As has been rumoured, the new console delivers full 4K-rendered images at 60fps along with HDR-10 and Dolby Atmos compatibility. Carried over from the current Xbox One S, which will continue in the line, are an UltraHD Blu ray player, three USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI input.

To show off the new system, over 40 games were announced, many with HDR and 22 of which will be Xbox platform compatible. However, there was no announcement as to which HD or 4K streaming services will be available, and despite recent rumours, there was nothing said about VR or AR.

4K and Dolby Atmos-ready Xbox one Power Specs on screen at launch eventAll current Xbox games and accessories will be compatible with the new system. Indeed, those storing content on a current Xbox’s hard drive, internal or external, may plug the drive into the new unit and continue to play them. Many of the current Xbox games will also receive a no-charge update at the new console’s launch for enhanced playback in 4K.

The new console has 40% more power than previous models, yet is smaller than the existing Xbox. Despite the use of a 6-teraflop GPU and other impressive specs, the new unit is smaller than its predecessor. Thanks to an innovative liquid-based cooling system there no vents on the cabinet top, simplifying installation venting or allowing discs to be placed directly atop the console.

The Xbox One X will be available worldwide on November 7th at £449/€499/$499USD/CA$599 and AU$649.

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